Welcome to the Hostry Festival 2017

The Autumn Festival of Norfolk

The Hostry Festival 2017 is full of new commissions and as well as our favourite annual projects, all celebrating home-grown talent in Norfolk.

Our headline event last year was a brand new exclusive adaption of King Lear In New York, re-written into a 90 minute one act play for the festival by the author Melvyn Bragg.

Since we began this not-for-profit, community interest project in 2010, we have engaged with over 1,000 volunteers, local businesses, trusts, charities and individual supporters of the arts.

Take a look at our festival brochure 2016, and be sure to book up for one or more of our many events this year.

Our thanks to our new principal supporters The Norfolk Community Foundation, the Dean and Chapter of Norwich Cathedral, all our sponsors and media partners, and to you for your interest – I look forward to welcoming you to the HOSTRY FESTIVAL 2017, this October.

Best wishes,

Stash Kirkbride
Co-founder, Artistic Director
And PBSK Partnership
e: stashkirkbride@hostryfestival.org